Clinical Supervision


The purpose of supervision is to enhance the clinical social worker’s professional skills, knowledge, and attitudes in order to achieve competency in providing quality patient care. This type of supervision establishes a learning alliance between the supervisor and supervisee in which the supervisee learns therapeutic skills while developing self-awareness at the same time. The clinical supervisors are Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) whose licenses are registered with the California Board of Behavioral Sciences and has completed all required continuing education courses to be able to provide this service. A clinical supervisor’s license can be verified at WWW.BBS.CA.GOV and click on the verification button to the left of the site.

LIABILITY: Although the clinical supervisors does not offer direct services to patients, they do indirectly affect the level of service offered through their impact on the supervisee. They share the responsibility for services provided to the patient and can be held liable for negligent or inadequate supervision related to negligent conduct by the supervisee. Direct liability may be charged against the clinical supervisor when inappropriate recommendations carried out by the supervisee bring harm to the patient. Direct liability also can be charged when a supervisor assigns a task to a supervisee who is inadequately prepared to perform it. The clinical supervisor and supervisee should take supervision seriously and ensure that the services provided by the supervisee meet NASW’s Code of Ethics and standards of the social work profession.

The purpose of this supervision is to enable the supervisee to satisfy the clinical supervision requirements of the state board of California. As the independent clinical supervisor, I am not responsible for the supervisee’s job performance or for the number of cases or types assigned to him/her or for other aspects of his/her job duties or employment agreement with supervisee's employer. 

Weekly Supervision Modality:
Individual or Tridac $125 (1.5 hours); 104 weeks
Group (no more than 8 participants) $70 Ongoing         

If you are interested in obtaining supervision please email Wendy Talley, DSW-C, LCSW email [email protected]  Prices are set.

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